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Teleporting in the Virtual World

Second Life is a wonderful place to wander around, explore and see. However it's a bit cumbersome when you know exactly where you want to go. It's not the fault of the world, it's the fact that there are just so many places to remember. The typical way we remember a place is to make what's called a Landmark.

The Second Life Wiki offers a couple of good articles on Landmarks, such as Landmarks and How do I use Landmarks?. However they really don't offer much help in managing the large number of Landmarks you accumulate or how to deal with them when they go stale.

Stale Landmarks

A "stale" Landmark is one that refers to a location that has changed or moved since the Landmark was created. In a Virtual World like Second Life where the only constant is change, stale Landmarks are one of the most annoying and prevalent problems there is. It is not uncommon to visit a place today, but when you return tomorrow the place is gone.

While this is a real problem for normal every day people, for store owners it's a nightmare. You have finally gotten your store arranged just the way you like it, managed to hand out several hundred Landmarks to your friends and customers, and suddenly you have to change everything. Whether the change is your idea or not, everyone that has the Landmark you just handed out is going to wind up in the wrong place. For a lot of folks, landing in the wrong place is just enough annoying that they'll promptly go elsewhere ... and spend their money elsewhere!

Floor Space and Displays

Another common problem for stores in a virtual world is the age-old problem of Floor Space. As your inventory of goods for sale increases, you wind up having to expand. But which way? In the real world, you just knock out a few walls, acquire the neighbor's property and build an extension to your store. However in a virtual world, it's not always that easy. More to the point, what IS easy is to build upwards. However getting your customers up to those new levels has problems all its own. Various solutions have been used over time, things like circular stairways, ramps, elevators and teleporters all have their benefits and their disadvantages.

Getting Around At Home

On a more personal note, one thing most people discover shortly after acquiring their first bit of private land is ... it's not that private. Build your house on the ground and you wind up with all manner of people wandering in or camming in. The solution most people choose is to build a Skybox, basically a house or home up in the sky where things are a bit less "busy". However that leads to yet another problem, keeping folks out. There are ways to set your land so people can't easily get to your skybox, but that also means guests and friends can't either.

The DG Flyer Solutions

All of these problems have a rather simple solution ... A Teleporter. With the proper teleporter system, you can easily change things around and not worry that Landmarks go stale. You can rapidly move shoppers from level to level in your store and even separate the levels by hundreds of meters with no trouble. For personal use, you can "lock" most teleporters so only specific people can use them. But once you decide to install a Teleporter, you have to determine which is the best one to use, which has the features you need and at a price you feel comfortable paying. The choices are many, but the best one will meet all of your needs and then some. At DG Products for Second Life, we designed our Teleporter with all of these needs in mind, added some more for good measure, and packaged it in three products that range from the small personal installations all the way up to the busiest and most demanding commercial applications.

Entry-Level System - The DG Flyer

If you're just looking to put a simple Teleporter in for your own personal use or you have a small to medium size store and the demand on the Teleporter will be fairly light, the entry level DG Flyer Multiseat Sim-Wide Teleporter is your best choice. Priced about the same as a good chair, the DG Flyer offers features that cannot be outdone. Learn more about the DG Flyer here.

Mid-Level System - The InstaFlyer

If your needs are a bit more robust or you need to ensure your customers can always get the Teleporter no matter how busy it might be, the next step up is your best choice. The InstaFlyer offers all the basic features of the DG Flyer, but removes the 12 location limit and also adds a feature called "Rez On Demand". This means that whenever someone wants to use the Teleporter, a new one is created instantly and delivered directly to them. Priced well within the typical store budget, the InstaFlyer installs rapidly and works reliably every time. Learn all about the InstaFlyer here.

Top-Level System - The Grid Flyer

If your needs go beyond even the InstaFlyer, you may wish to consider the DG Grid Flyer system. Unlike the two previous systems, the Grid Flyer is capable of teleporting people anywhere in the virtual world. Even with this capability, the Grid Flyer retains the same unique feature of guaranteed "Live" teleport destinations. With the Grid Flyer installed, even if you rearrange one Sim's locations completely, anyone teleporting there will arrive at the new location without fail. More importantly, this all happens automatically, you don't need to reprogram or reconfigure anything; you just move the location points where they need to be and the Grid Flyer handles the rest. Learn more about the Grid Flyer here.

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