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Of all the different things we make at DGP4SL, the most fun are the Gadgets and Gizmos. Generally they're designed to meet a need, solve a problem or just do something simple that we feel needs doing. Most of the things in this category can be found all over the Grid, but we think ours are a bit special because each one has a slightly different take on the "Normal" way things are done.

1-Prim Slideshow

There's nothing really fancy about a Slide Show .. honestly. You just make sure the pictures show up in sequence and change when you want. Of course there are some limitations to Second Life that make a basic slide show somewhat ugly, but our version of this venerable device employs some basic techniques to overcome them.

Learn more about the 1-Prim Slide Show here

2-Panel Slideshow

Another of our popular Slide Show products, the 2-Panel version places two individual frames side by side then tosses in the ability to select one of four different change patterns. At only three prims, the 2-Panel Slideshow is not only economical in prim counts, but also runs virtually lag free. It also incorporates our special Insta-Rez Technology so images are already fully rezzed before they are displayed. No more watching your beautiful pictures slowly focus in. Just like our other Slideshow products, the 2-Panel Slideshow is provided with full permissions, so you can load it up with your favorite images and give them away as keepsakes of the special times spent with your friends on Second Life.

Learn more about the 2-Panel Slide Show here

DG Debug Listener

A lot of what makes Second life live are the scripts that inhabit the otherwise lifeless prims. However they sometimes run into problems. When they do, they will often shout out a message in a special way. This is supposed to let you know that something is wrong and you need to fix it. But because most people don't bother to turn on the feature that lets you see those messages, they don't know when their stuff is broken or having problems. The Debug Listener came about as a way of pointing out exactly what is having problems and exactly who owns it. And the little twist we added should make it quite entertaining.

Learn more about the DG Debug Listener here

DG Mailbox

If you run any sort of business in Second Life then you know that sometimes people need to get in touch with you. For various reason, a lot of folks prefer receiving Notecards as the initial contact rather than Instant Messages. The DG Mailbox takes this two steps further by adding some handy features that make it the right solution for a lot of people.

Learn more about the DG Mailbox here

DG Sensor Band

Humans (remember them?) have this wonderful attribute of their visual sense called Peripheral Vision. It lets you see a rather wide area around you at all times. But in a Virtual World like Second Life, your field of vision is limited. To help you know and see the people around you, a lot of folks use a device called a Radar. Handy as they are, they do have some limitations. One of the most annoying things about them it, you have to actually be LOOKING at the Viewer Screen to know when someone approaches. This means you can't run other programs that cover up the viewer screen or you just might miss someone important. The DG Sensor Band addresses this limitation by adding another one of your senses to the mix .. the sense of hearing.

Learn more about the DG Sensor Band here

Search Bot

If Second Life's In-World Search is important to you, chances are good you've spent hours just typing in search queries then scanning pages looking for your listing. You might even be keeping a separate spreadsheet or jotting down notes to keep your memory fresh. But what if you could automate that whole process? What if you could have a device that checked Search every hour, kept records of your rank for every search query and could even display graphs of the past 28 days history?

Say hello to the DGP4SL Search Bot. A simple one-prim scripted device that submits your search queries to In-World Search every hour, automatically scans the results for your listing, and stores those results in a private database. A single click on the Search Bot will display a URL that can be used to review your listing's Current Rank as well as trend graphs for the past 28 days.

Learn more about the DGP4SL Search Bot here

Search Bot V2

Second Life's In-World Search now has a new face courtesy of a new Search Engine. The results are not only presented in a new snazzier format but they are radically different than those presented by the previous (V1) Search. So we released a version of our very popular Search Bot tool that uses the new SOLR/Lucene based search engine.

We kept all the same popular features too. A single prim, scripted device doesn't tax your already tight Prim Limits. Search Bot V2 checks the new results for your Parcel's listing in up to 20 Search Query results. A history database combined with easy to understand Rank History Graphs lets you see at a glance how your Parcel ranks. Search Bot V2 also reports the Parcel Boost and will even tell you when your Parcel's HTML Web Page is updated.

Learn more about the DGP4SL Search Bot V2 here

SRAP - SEO Research Analysis Package

Key to finding anything in Second Life is the Search function. As of this writing, Linden Lab is just putting the finishing touches on their Google Search Appliance powered In-World Search. While its many mysteries are yet to be discovered, nothing can beat knowing what is going on with your Parcel's listing and how you might find ways to improve your ranking in search. The SRAP HUD from DGP4SL does in-depth analysis of your Parcel's listings using the same HTML source pages used by the GSA. Advanced analysis of your keywords, object listings and fundamental error checking are now just a click to fix.

Learn more about the SRAP HUD here

Spim Prammer - SEO Keyword Density Enhancer Tool

Once you've decided to compete for specific search terms, you might need to add extra instances of your search terms to your Parcel's Objects in order to gain better placement in Search Results. The Spim Prammer is the right tool for the job. It provides a rapid automatic means to add objects with specific names and descriptions to increase the density of your search terms, and it also watches Search Results to notify you when your Parcel has been "crawled" (re-indexed by the GSA index spider).

Learn more about the Spim Prammer Here

Spim Prammer V2 - SEO in a Box for V2 Search

Our highly popular Keyword Enhancement Tool redesigned and improved for the new Second Life In-World Search based on the SOLR/Lucene Search Engine

Learn more about the Spim Prammer V2 Here

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