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Getting Started with Rental Beam

The best starting point to learn about Rental Beam is the Rental Beam main product page. If you want a really Quick Start then visit Rental Beam Quick Start

Virtual Land Rentals in Second Life

From the very beginning of time (in Second Life at least) there has been a vital market in the sale and rental of Virtual Land. While it can be profitable, the time needed to manage the rental business can be overwhelming. The most common management duties are handled by products called Rental Management Systems. The two most common of them are the hippoRENT system from Hippo-Tech and CasperLet from CasperTech.

Both of these systems do a fantastic job at managing the daily routine of renting property. But the one thing they do NOT do is give your potential Tenants access to your Rental Properties. The popular systems keep a pretty tight lid on the properties you have for rent. But you need for other people, possible RENTERS for example, to know what's for rent as well. That's where Rental Beam comes to the rescue.

Rental Beam - Beam Your Rentals to the Web

Rental Beam is a very powerful data management system that connects to your existing hippoRENT or CasperLet systems. It then builds a complete list of all your rental properties and their Status. As Tenants come and go, as rentals begin and end, Rental Beam keeps track of which properties are available for rent.