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Overview and History

As most folks know, the various items of clothing, attachments, etc. that can be "worn" by your Avatar in Second Life can be assembled into what are known as "Outfits". (See the Second Life Knowledge Base article Saving Outfits by Fritz Linden.) While this is much more useful than finding and wearing individual items, it also presents a problem because the only tools provided by the Viewer are the abilities to Take Off Items, Add To Outfit and Replace Outfit. You can use these tools to rapidly change clothes, but sometimes it gets a bit more complicated.

The Usual Way to Wear Your Clothes

People just starting out on Second Life often go thru the agonizing process of putting on their clothes one item at a time. Fortunately there are several good Wiki pages provided on the Second Life site such as How to quick change into another outfit using REPLACE OUTFIT by Lum Pfohl.

Unfortunately Lum's approach has one minor drawback. When you use the Replace Outfit function, everything you have on is removed including your HUDs too. If you have several different HUDS, some of which are NO COPY, having them removed every time you change outfits is a royal pain. Another approach is to use the Add To Outfit for the new Outfit then Take Off Items for the Outfit you were wearing.

While generally successful, this method not only take two clicks, but also requires that you remember which Outfit you were wearing (and for some folks that's a real pain). It also works only if you haven't added anything since putting on the previous Outfit. One of the most common problems is with certain "Personal Attachments" (meaning genitalia and other sex related items) that are kept in their own separate folders. There is nothing so embarassing as dressing, TPing into public somewhere and then discovering that your "Personal Attachment" is still attached and plainly visible.

The Total Outfit Concept

What was needed was a way to easily and rapidly put on a complete outfit, clothing, accessories, etc. and make sure everything that was not part of it was removed. Thus was the motivation for the creation of The Replacers.

Using The Replacers, you can rapidly and easily create Outfit Folders that not only contain the clothing items and accessories, but also contain the parts from The Replacers that will replace those things that are not part of the new outfit. When you Add To Outfit using a Total Outfit folder that contains The Replacers, you wind up wearing everything that is correct for that outfit and removing anything else that doesn't belong.

The Replacers

There are two basic types of items you can wear, Clothing and Attachments. Clothing items include shirt, pants, socks, jacket, undershirt, etc. Attachment are 3D objects, sometimes made of more than one Prim, that attach at various points on your Avatar. All of these are explained in the Knowledge Base article Saving Outfits. Some third-party viewers such as the excellent Emerald Viewer from Modular Systems provide additional Attachment Points not provided by the original SL Viewer or the new Viewer 2.0 from Linden Lab. These additional attachment points form the third basic type of wearable items.

The Three Types of Replacers

The Replacers come in three different varieties to match each of these basic types: Replacers for Clothing, Replacers for Attachments and Replacers for Extended Attachments. Each of these is available from our In-World Store. Most people will wish to purchase the basic Replacers for Clothing and Replacers for Attachments, but you may also wish to purchase the Replacers for Extended Attachments if you have outfits that depend on these additional points.

Visit the following pages to learn more about each individual type of Replacer:

Instructions for Using The Replacers

NOTE!! Before you begin, make sure you are someplace private because The Replacers will remove everything you are wearing. If you decide to put on your Replacers in a PG rated Sim, we are not responsible for any banning or public humiliation you may suffer.

Steps to Create a New Total Outfit

  1. Put on The Replacers by right-clicking the proper folder and selecting "Add To Outfit" from the popup menu. Note that there are three types of Replacers, one for each type of item you can wear. As The Replacers attach, you will see your items and clothing vanish. This is normal as The Replacers remove each item one by one. (Note: The items and clothing are not "lost", they are simply being detached. Everything you were wearing remains in your Inventory for the next time you wish to wear it.)
  2. Go thru your Inventory and wear or attach each item one by one. This is exactly the same as you would normally get "dressed"; there is no difference. As you put on each item or article of clothing, it will remove The Replacer at that spot before it attaches. When you are fully dressed and have the outfit the way you want, double check that there are no open or empty attachment points or clothing items left off. You MUST have one of The Replacers at every place where you are not wearing a normal attachment or articlle of clothing.
    NOTE!! If you make a mistake and put something on then take it off again, you MUST reattach The Replacer for that location before proceeding. If you are not comfortable or familiar with where and how things attach, the simplest method is to start over again at Step #1.
  3. Right-click your Avatar and choose "Appearance" from the Pie Menu that is displayed. The "Appearance" window will display and your camera angle may change to point at your Avatar.
  4. Click the "Make Outfit..." button in the lower left corner of the Appearance window. The "Make New Outfit" window will display.
  5. Click the "Check All" button near the middle of the window. This will place checkmarks next to every selection in the window for clothing and attachments. For example, if the checkbox for "Left Forearm" is grayed out then you must find and wear the The Replacer Left Forearm item before proceeding. Find the proper item then right-click and "Wear" to make sure it is properly attached.
    IMPORTANT NOTE!! If any of the boxes are "grayed out" (cannot be checked on) then The Replacer for that point is not properly attached. Cancel out of the Make New Outfit window, Cancel out of the Appearance window and then find and "Wear" The Replacer for that point. Once you have attached The Replacer item for that point, resume the instructions at Step #3.
  6. Change the Name to the name you wish to call this new outfit. This name will be the name of the Folder (under Clothing in your Inventory) of the new Total Outfit you are creating.
  7. Uncheck any items you do NOT wish to include in the new Total Outfit. Most often this will be your Body Shape, Skin and your HUDs. However if you always wear the same hair and eyes, you should uncheck those as well.
  8. Click the "Save" button in the bottom center of the Make New Outfit window to save your new Total Outfit to your Clothing folder.

GRATZ!! You're all done making your very first Total Outfit. Next ...

How to Wear a Replacer Total Outfit

Switching to a Replacer Total Outfit is extremely simple. Just find the Folder with the name of the Total Outfit you created above. Right-click the Folder and choose "Add To Outfit". That's it .. you're done! Any clothing items or attachments you were wearing will be replaced by new items and anything not replaced will be detached and returned to your Inventory. It's just that simple!

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