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Many times an issue you encounter has already been seen and resolved by others within the Rental Beam Community. We have collected the most common issues and their solution here on the FAQ.

Privacy Statement

We are concerned with privacy at all stages of Rental Beam. Our policies regarding your privacy are explained at Rental Beam Privacy Statement.

Deleting Devices in Second Life

Rental Beam works by collecting messages and "in-world chatter" from the various devices that make up your Rental Management System. Unfortunately those messages do NOT include things like "This rental device has been deleted." That can lead to issues that at first are confusing, but once you understand how it works they make total sense.

Deleting Rental Boxes and Meters
Issue - I deleted a few Rental Boxes the other day, but Rental Beam says they are still there. I even had someone yell at me because they teleported to an old Rental I had removed. Why is that happening?
Solution - Rental Beam can only tell when something is there. It cannot tell when something has been deleted or removed. That means that even though you deleted those Rental Devices, Rental Beam still remembers them as being there. When you delete a Rental Box or Meter, you MUST ALSO delete it from Rental Beam. If you do not delete it from Rental Beam then it will still show up on your Rental Listings, on the Web and in your In-World Vendors.
Deleting Rental Beam Devices
Issue - I deleted a Rental Vendor but Rental Beam still says it is there. What do I do?
Solution - Rental Beam can detect when something has not checked in, but it cannot detect when something has been deleted. Devices will "go quiet" when their Region is down or offline for an extended time. This keeps Rental Beam from automatically deleting devices that have not checked in for a while; they may just be on a Region or Sim that is down. Because of this it is very important that you delete a device from Rental Beam after you have removed it from Second Life.
Deleting Rental Devices from Rental Beam
Issue - I need to delete a Rental Box or Meter from Rental Beam. How do I do that?
Solution - There are two very simple ways to delete a Rental Box or Meter from Rental Beam. The best method is to open the Exceptions / Errors Report. Those Rental Devices that have not checked in for some time will be listed as Missing or Lost. You can select all of the rental devices that have been deleted then use the Delete Selected Rentals button at the bottom of the page. You may also use the Manage Rentals tool to delete individual Rentals one at a time.
Deleting Rental Beam Vendors from Rental Beam
Issue - I need to remove a few Rental Beam Vendors from the list of Vendors. How do I do that?
Solution - Open either the Rental Vendor Settings or Rental Status Mirror Settings page then select the Vendor that must be deleted from Rental Beam. Once selected, you may click the Delete button to delete that specific Vendor.

Updates to Rental Beam

Updating Rental Beam may be confusing at times. We've created a page that describes the process in detail for each of the Rental Beam products. Visit Updating Rental Beam for those instructions. But if you have another question not answered there, read on ...

Using the Region Listener vs. Updating Plugin Scripts for Rental Devices
Issue - I just received an Update Package and it includes new version Plugin Scripts. But I use the Region Listener. Do I need to put these new Plugin Scripts in my Rental Devices anyway?
Solution - No, the Plugin Scripts are included in the Rental Beam Basic System for everyone to use if needed. With the Region Listener the need for Plugin Scripts is eliminated. You can safely ignore the updated Plugin Scripts, knowing that the Region Listener does all the heavy lifting for you.

Account Name, Password and Login Questions

Issues within this section cover those times when you cannot log in to the Rental Beam web site.

Your Account Name (Username) on Rental Beam
Issue - When I try to log in to the Rental Beam web site, it wants my "Username". What name do I use?
Solution - The "Username" for Rental Beam is the same as your Second Life Account name. The SL Account name is either two lower-case names separated by a period (e.g. "darrius.gothly" for "Darrius Gothly") or a single lower-case name (e.g. "mynewavatarname" for "MyNewAvatarName Resident").
Setting Your Password
Issue - I need to log in to the web site, but I don't know how to set my password.
Solution - The Rental Beam main system includes a "Kiosk" that is used to set your account password. Note that the password you enter using the Kiosk is encrypted before it is sent over the Internet. This helps keep your password safe from prying eyes. When you have set your password and successfully logged into the Rental Beam web site then you may delete the Kiosk; it is only needed when setting your password.
Password Wrong at Login
Issue - I used the Kiosk to set a password, but now it won't let me use it to log in.
Solution - The password can contain letters, numbers and simple punctuation (dash, underscore, plus sign) but cannot contain spaces, single or double quotes, back slashes or forward slashes. Try using a very simple password first (such as 'bob') then try to log in. If you succeed then reset your password to something more complex and try again.
Do NOT use the same password for Rental Beam as you use for Second Life. They are separate accounts and companies and you should never use the same password on more than one web site!
When All Else Fails ...
Issue - I've tried everything but nothing seems to work. HELP!
Solution - The one last thing to try is to close out your browser completely then manually enter the URL for the main Rental Beam home page. We're still trying to figure this one out, but it seems that doing those two steps fixes the problem completely. The home page URL is

Rental Settings and Listings Questions

Issues within this section cover those times when you expect something to be displayed a certain way, but it isn't. Rental Settings or Listings, Reports and anything else seen on the computer display or the Rental Beam web site are contained here.

Setting a Custom Image for a Rental
Issue - I have a selection of custom Textures that I would like to show instead of the Region Maps provided by Rental Beam. Can Rental Beam show a custom Texture instead of the Region Map?
Solution - Yes, each Rental may be assigned a Custom Image using the Manage Rentals tool. The Custom Image must be a Full Permission Texture previously uploaded into Second Life. Use your SL Viewer to copy the UUID of the Texture. In the Manage Rentals tool, find the Rental Listing you want to modify then click the small Globe icon to the left of the Rental Name. An entry field will appear. Paste the copied UUID of the Texture (Custom Image) into the field then press the Enter key or click OK. After entering the UUID, the small globe icon will change to a small house icon indicating there is a Custom Image attached to the Rental.
RB4SL Add Custom Image - Paste Texture UUID.png

After assigning the new Custom Image UUID, the small globe icon turns into a small house icon as seen here:

RB4SL Add Custom Image - House Icon shows Custom Image.png

Custom Rental Images don't stay set
Issue - I have set a Custom Image for a Rental using the Manage Rentals function, but it won't stay. Every time I go back to look at it, it's gone again.
Solution - Custom Images are only displayed if you have not selected the "Region Map Only" option on your Personal Profile. To make sure that Custom Images can be displayed, open your Personal Profile and uncheck the Region Map Only option.

Region Listener Questions

The Region Listener is a 1-Prim device that replaces the need for a Plugin Script in every CasperLet Rental Box and Meter on a Region (Sim).

Will the Region Listener work for me?
Issue - I am using hippoRENT and I am tired of putting Plugin Scripts in every single Rental Box. Will the Region Listener work for me?
Solution - Sadly no. The hippoRENT system is "silent" to the outside and so cannot be "heard" unless by a script directly inside the box. Therefore you must use the Rental Beam Plugin Script for hippoRENT in every hippoRENT Rental Box.
How do I update the Region Listener?
Issue - I've been told I have to update my Region Listeners. What is the best way to update them?
Solution - Because there is only one Region Listener per Region there is no simple automatic updater available. The best and fastest way to update a Region Listener is to delete the old one then rez the new one in its place. Make sure you 'Touch' the new Region Listener to start it running. Within about six hours the Rental Beam web site will detect the update and send you a confirmation via both Email and IM.
Putting the Region Listener Script in Other Prims
Issue - I have the Region Listener and I want to put its script into one of my rental devices or some other prim. Can I safely do that? Will it still work?
Solution - The CasperLet Region Listener works by carefully controlling how often it communicates with the Rental Beam web site. If you put the Listener Script into any other device that also talks to a web site (such as a rental device that talks to its own web site) then the automatic limiters in SL may kick in and break either the Listener, the rental device or both. We strongly recommend you do not put the Listener script into any other prim unless absolutely necessary.
Do I need both a Region Listener and Plugin Scripts?
Issue - I have already put the Plugin Script in a number of CasperLet Rental devices, but now I've rezzed a Region Listener. Do I need to leave the Plugin Scripts in the devices?
Solution - No, you don't need the Plugin Script for CasperLet devices that are on the same Region as a Region Listener. It does not harm things to leave the Plugin Script in the device, but it does increase lag and double the load on our servers, but it doesn't break anything. We strongly recommend you remove the Plugin Scripts from all CasperLet Rental devices after you have rezzed a Region Listener on the same Region.
Other Landlords on a Region with Your Region Listener
Issue - I have a number of Regions with CasperLet rental devices and I want to use the Region Listener, but there are other Landlords on those Regions and they are also using CasperLet. Will the Region Listener mix their Rentals in with mine?
Solution - No, you are safe. The Region Listener can actually "hear" their CasperLet Rental Boxes and Meters but it will not pay attention to those messages. The Region Listener will only capture and save the messages coming from rental devices that you own. In short, the Region Listener only "listens" to devices with the same Owner as itself.
Region Listener Device Counts are wrong
Issue - I am looking at the Region Listeners page and I noticed that the Device Count shown does not equal the number of Rentals on that Region. The Status Counts are right, but the Device Count is wrong. What do I do?
Solution - This appears to be a problem with Rental Devices migrated from hippoRENT to CasperLet. The solution is to obtain and run the latest "UpgradeBee" from CasperLet to bring the CasperLet script up to the latest version. You can read about using the UpgradeBee after Migration on the CasperTech Wiki.

Here is a screencap of the problem showing how the numbers do not add up correctly. (click the image to see a full-size version)
Region Listener Numbers Are Wrong

In-World Vendor Questions

Rental Beam has different styles of Vendors designed specifically to meet the needs of different market segments. This section deals with those different needs and includes questions we have received from our Customers.

What is the difference between the Rental Vendor and the Rental Status Mirror
Issue - I rent primarily (fill in the blank) types of property. Which of the In-World Vendors should I use?
Solution - The Rental Vendor is an "Active" device whereas the Rental Status Mirror is a "Passive" device. Basically it means that the Rental Vendor sits quietly and patiently waiting for someone to activate it. When it is activated, it will then wake up and actively request a fresh list of Rentals that match the selection criteria configured into it. The Rental Status Mirror is the other way around. It is "Paired" (you can think of it as though it was wired directly) to a specific Rental. It never has idle time, and it is never waiting for someone to activate it. It is continuously listening for changes in its Paired Rental. When any changes occur, they are instantly relayed to any Rental Status Mirrors connected to the Rental. In short, the Rental Vendor "Asks" for current rental information, the Rental Status Mirror is "Told" when changes occur.
Resizing and customizing an In-World Vendor
Issue - I have the (pick one of the Vendors). Can I modify it to suit my own style and theme?
Solution - Yes indeed. We design our In-World "Customer Visible" devices so that you can customize them in many different ways so that they will match the style you've worked so hard to create. The Rental Vendor is a single Prim, the Rental Status Mirror is two Prims but one of those is an easily removable frame. You can resize them, change their coloring and textures, even replace the "stock" textures provided in the basic package with your own. We take the position that the Vendors we sell are to provide function, not appearance.
Compatibility with the Rental Management System
Issue - I use (CasperLet or hippoRENT) to manage my Rentals. Will the (pick one of the Vendors) work the same with the hippoRENT as it does with CasperLet?
Solution - Simply put, yes. The In-World Vendors talk only to the Rental Beam main system; they do not ever talk directly to the hippoRENT or CasperLet devices. Rental Beam does all the translation between the Rental Management System and the various Rental Beam services and products. Because the Vendors communicate only with Rental Beam, they are universal and can even work with a mix of Management System types in the same Vendor.

Rental Status Mirror Questions

The Rental Status Mirror is one of the In-World Vendors available for use with the Rental Beam system. Its special talent is exactly mirroring the current Status of a single specific Rental. Proper operation of the Rental Status Mirror requires that it be both "Paired" and "Online".

Email or Instant Message received saying a Rental Status Mirror is Offline
Issue - I received an Email or Instant Message telling me that one or more of my Rental Status Mirros was Offline. On the Rental Status Mirrors page I see words after the Mirror name that say either "Offline" or "Stalled". What do they mean?
Solution - The Rental Status Mirror must be both Paired and Online to operate properly. It must also still exist and be running. The two messages "Stalled" and "Offline" indicate problems in both these areas. When the word "Stalled" appears after the name, it means that the Mirror has not reported in to Rental Beam in more than a day. Usually this indicates a device that you rezzed but then later removed or deleted. Rental Beam does not automatically detect removal of an In-World Device. When the word "Offline" appears, it means that the Rental Status Mirror is operating but will not mirror the Status of its Paired Rental. Full details on Pairing the Rental Status Mirror and keeping it Online are found at Using and Customizing the Rental Status Mirror.
Rental Beam Logo shown but won't change
Issue - I have rezzed a new Rental Status Mirror but all I see is the Rental Beam logo. No matter what I do, the logo won't change.
Solution - Look closely at the logo. If it is solid, not semi-transparent, then you are probably looking at the back side of the Mirror. If the logo is semi-transparent but the Owner Menu will not appear then it may not be running. Check that scripts are allowed to run and if necessary use the "Reset Scripts" function to completely reset the Rental Status Mirror.
Rental Status Mirror won't shrink (resize) below a certain size
Issue - I am trying to resize the Rental Status Mirror but it will only shrink so far. Why can't I make it smaller?
Solution - The Rental Status Mirror is delivered with a simple decorative frame around the outside, thus it is a two-prim object. When you attempt to make it smaller, the minimum size limits of Second Life may prevent you from making it as small as desired. This is usually because the outside frame cannot be made thinner than 0.01m (10cm). Unlink the two prims, resize them as desired using the normal Edit tools then relink them.
When relinking the Rental Status Mirror with its frame you MUST make sure that the Mirror prim itself is the "Root Prim" and the frame is a child. When you Edit a multi-prim object, the Root Prim is always outlined in yellow while all child prims are outlined in blue.

hippoRENT Rental Box Questions

This section deals with common questions about the hippoRENT system, its Rental Boxes, and using hippoRENT with Rental Beam.

Can I safely reset a hippoRENT Rental Box?
Issue - Rental Beam says I need to reset the Rental Box but it's Rented already. Won't it lose the rental information?
Solution - No, you can use the Owner Menu "RESET" function at the Rental Box or use the hippoRENT web site to RESET a Rental Box and it will NOT lose any existing rental information. The existing Tenant won't even notice the reset and their rental time will stay correct when the reset is complete.

CasperLet Rental Device Questions

This section deals with common questions about the CasperLet system, its Rental Boxes and Meters, and using CasperLet with Rental Beam.

Can I safely reset a CasperLet Rental Box or Meter?
Issue - Rental Beam says I need to reset the Rental Box or Meter but it's Rented already. Won't it lose the rental information?
Solution - No, you can use the Owner Menu "Reset" function at the Rental Box or use the CasperLet web site to Reset a Rental Box and it will NOT lose any existing rental information. The existing Tenant won't even notice the reset and their rental time will stay correct when the reset is complete.
Plugin Scripts and CasperLet
Issue - I have the basic Rental Beam system, but I also have a lot of Rental Boxes and Meters. Do I have to put a Plugin Script in every single Rental device?
Solution - No, you don't "have to". The Region Listener Add-On for Rental Beam is a special device that can automatically "Hear" every single CasperLet Rental device you have on a Sim. Just rez one Region Listener anywhere on the Sim then "Mass Reset" all the Rental Devices on the Sim. That's all it takes. The Region Listener is described at Rental Beam Region Listener.