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Hosted Pages are special web pages created and hosted by Rental Beam. They are easily customized and contain standard details from your Personal Profile such as Social Networking Identities and In-World SLurls.

Manage Hosted Pages Main View

RB4SL Manage Hosted Listing Pages Main View.png

The Hosted Listing Pages Main View has two sections. The top section lists all existing Hosted Pages. The bottom allows you to create a new Hosted Listing Page.

Creating a New Hosted Page

Each Hosted Page must have its own unique Title. Create a new Hosted Page by entering the desired Title then press the tab key.

RB4SL Ready to Create New Hosted Page.png

After you verify the Title is correct,the new Hosted Listing Page is added to the list.

RB4SL New Hosted Page Created.png

List of Existing Hosted Pages

The list of existing Hosted Pages contains the following information:

Hosted Page ID
The Title you entered to create the Hosted Page
Listing Group
If a Land Group is selected then only Rentals assigned to the specific Land Group will be displayed by the Hosted Page.
Hosted Listing Pages will display Available Rental Listings in either a line-by-line Textual format (Text) or a grid-based Graphical layout (Graphic).
Last Update
The date and time the Hosted Listing Page was last modified.
Click the View link to open the Hosted Listing Page in a new Window or Tab.
Click the Edit link to open the Options Panel.

Editing an Existing Hosted Listing Page

Edit an existing Hosted Listing Page by clicking the "Edit" link to the right of the Hosted Page entry.

RB4SL Hosted Page New Empty Hosted Listing Page Settings Panel.png

Uploading a Page Banner Image

Each Hosted Listing Page may have its own unique Page Banner Image. The image file must be 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high. Click the "Upload a new Page Banner Image" button to begin the upload process.

RB4SL Hosted Page Click to Upload a New Page Banner.png

Once uploaded, the new Page Banner Image will appear in the Settings Panel.

RB4SL Hosted Page New Banner Image Uploaded.png

Entering Header and Title Text

Hosted pages use the popular BBCode formatting language so that you can create attractive and powerful Hosted Pages. BBCode allows you to format text, change colors, link to other sites without knowing or entering HTML code. You can view a simple help page with all recognized BBCode tags while entering the Description text.

RB4SL Hosted Page Entering Description and Header BBCode.png

Deleting a Hosted Listing Page

You must open the Hosted Page for editing then click the "Delete This Page" button. You will be asked to verify the deletion.

RB4SL Hosted Page Deleting a Hosted Page.png

Closing the Hosted Page Settings Panel

When you have set the various options as desired, click the "Done" link to close the Settings Panel.

RB4SL Hosted Page Done Editing.png

Viewing the Hosted Page

You may click the "View" link to the right of the Hosted Page Title to open it in a new Window or Tab. The resulting Hosted Page is immediately live and will show you current information about your Available Rentals.

RB4SL Hosted Page Viewing My First Hosted Page.png

Prettier Hosted Pages using JavaScript

The original Hosted Page uses HTML IFRAMEs to display your Available Rentals. However there is a simple trick you can use to generate a pretty page that uses JavaScript instead. This method results in pages that grow and shrink based on the number of listings instead of setting a fixed width and length. The best part is, you don't have to do anything fancy to use the new format.

Each Hosted Page has its own unique URL (web address). Inside the URL is a bit that reads /hp/. Change that portion to read /js/ and the page displayed will use the new JavaScript flexible formatting. For example, if your Hosted Page has the URL:

Change it slightly to read:

Go ahead and click the links to see how they look.