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RB4SL Owner Statistics Panel.png

The Real-time Owner Statistics Panel is a simple Shared Media device that shows nearly real-time information about your Rental Beam system and your Rentals. The display is divided into four sections, each one containing information about a specific aspect of Rental Beam and its services.

Rezzing and Using the Real-time Owner Statistics Panel

The Real-time Owner Statistics Panel uses the "Shared Media" feature of Second Life to display a special web page from the Rental Beam web site. Your Second Life Viewer must be capable of displaying Shared Media for you to see the real-time display. Full information on this feature and how to make it work for you is found at Shared Media on the Second Life Knowledge Base.

Since almost every available SL Viewer now supports Shared Media, you may want to use the following steps to start using the Real-time Statistics Panel.

Rez the Real-time Owner Statistics Panel

RB4SL Owner Stats - Just Rezzed.png

When you first REZ the Real-time Statistics Panel, or any time you have been away from the panel for an extended time, it will initially appear as a big blank Prim. The image to the right shows you what it will probably look like the first time you see it.

Displaying the Real-time Statistics

Hover your mouse over the panel and a small control bar should appear just above it. Click the "Home page" button in the bar to load the Real-time Statistics. Your SL Viewer should also "zoom in" as soon as the page starts loading. The Home page button in the control bar will look similar to the following:

RB4SL Owner Stats - Home Page.png

Open URL in browser button

One feature of Shared Media is the ability to open the same URL in a regular external web browser with the click of a button. The "Open URL in browser" button is clicked, your chosen web browser will open and display the same page as you see on the Real-time Owner Statistics Panel.

RB4SL Owner Stats - Open URL in browser.png

NOTE: The Control Bar atop the Real-time Owner Statistics panel will be visible only to you as the Owner. Only you will be able to see and use the Open URL in browser button. However the URL contains a security key that is PRIVATE TO YOU! Keep this URL secret and DO NOT SHARE it with anyone. You have been warned!

Automatic Refresh vs. Manual Refresh

The Real-time Owner Statistics Panel includes an automatic refresh feature that updates each of the detail sections approximately every minute. This should be sufficient for normal use and monitoring. However you may also force a section to reload immediately by clicking the "Refresh" button at the top-right of that section. Each Refresh button updates only its own section. Note that the time of last update is shown in the button itself.

Most Recent Rental Transactions

Rental Beam stores a "Rental Transaction" every time a Rental changes its Status. Changes in Status occur when it is Rented, when the rental expires and also when you use the Manage Pages tool to change it manually. Each line in this section shows one Rental Transaction. The Transaction includes the Rental Name, the Date and Time the Transaction was stored, and the type of the Transaction. If the Transaction is "Rented" then the new Tenant's name is also included. You may click on the Rental Name to open a Land Info floater for the Rental itself. (The list does not include any changes you have made manually using Rental Beam because we figure you know what those are.)

RB4SL Owner Stats Most Recent Rental Transactions.png

Rentals Expiring Soon

As tenants come and go, sometimes they don't go even when their rent has not been paid. It can be very important to you to know which specific Rentals are about to expire, have expired, or have a long time to go still. The "Rentals Expiring Soon" section shows you a list of those Rentals that are either expired or about to expire. The list is sorted so that expired Rentals are shown first followed by those with little time remaining. Lines in the list are color-coded to help you identify how soon a rental will expire. You may click on the Rental Name to open a Land Info floater for the Rental itself.

RB4SL Owner Stats Rentals Expiring Soon.png

The Tenant Name for each Rental listed is a clickable link that will open their In-World Profile. If you need to contact the Tenant for any reason, just click their name in the list and use the Instant Message button to open an IM.

Most Clicked Rental Listings - Past 30 Days

Rental Beam is primarily a Rental Marketing and Advertising system. Every time someone clicks one of your In-World Vendors, or clicks a Teleport Link from a web site listing, Rental Beam records it as a "Click". The Most Clicked Rental Listings section shows you in real-time which rentals have been clicked and how often in the past 30 days. The columns show you the number of Clicks recorded during the past 30 days, the Rental Name, the actual beginning and ending date range, and the rental's current Rental Status. You may click on the Rental Name to open a Land Info floater for the Rental itself.

RB4SL Owner Stats Most Clicked Rental Listings Last 30 Days.png

Rental Status Counts by Region

This section of the Real-time Owner Statistics panel shows a summary of each Region where you have rentals, and how many rentals are in each of the four Rental Statuses (Available, Rented, Locked and Reserved). This section is a good "Sanity Check" to make sure that Rental Beam has a correct record of every rental on that region and its current Status.

RB4SL Owner Stats Rental Status Counts by Region.png