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There is a giant disconnect between the people that provide Virtual Land in Second Life (Virtual Landlords), and the people that want to obtain, rent and inhabit that land (Tenants). When you are a Landlord, your biggest problem is finding ways to attract potential Tenants and then direct them to your available Rentals. What is needed is an automatic way to share your Available Rentals with as many people as possible. Which is exactly what Rental Beam does.

Rental Beam is a unique type of product best called a Rental Marketing System. Unlike other systems that manage the comings and goings of Tenants, Rental Beam takes care of publicizing, advertising and marketing your available supply of Rentals.

Rental Beam Quick Start

You just got Rental Beam and you're itching to make it work. So here's the place to go to start using Rental Beam as fast as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often an issue you encounter is something we've already seen before. Before you spend too much time chasing a problem, come look over the FAQ and see if maybe your issue is something we know how to fix rapidly.

The full FAQ is found at Frequently Asked Questions.

Privacy Statement

We are concerned with privacy at all stages of Rental Beam. Our policies regarding your privacy are explained at Rental Beam Privacy Statement.

What's New in Rental Beam

We are constantly updating both the Rental Beam Web Site and our Products. Look to What's New In Rental Beam for all the latest information about the newest improvements to Rental Beam.

Rental Marketing Systems

Rental Beam is like a multi-way hose; it connects the information from your Rental Management System to a wider audience on the Internet and In-World. The name of the game is Marketing, and Rental Beam offers the most effective and foolproof ways of putting your Rentals in front of as many eyes as possible.

Rental Management Systems

Rental Beam connects to your Rental Management system but it is definitely not a Rental Management system. There are lots of automated systems to help you manage your Rentals. They let you easily manage Rentals and Tenants. But all the information about what Rentals are available, rented, locked or reserved is kept hidden deep inside the management system's web site.

Rental Beam connects to your existing Rental Management System. Once connected, Rental Beam can automatically display 100% accurate and totally live listings of your available Rentals in many different places and formats. Exactly how and where you display your listings is up to you. Rental Beam includes many options in the basic package. There are also many different optional add-ons that extend your display options and locations.

The "Popular" Rental Management Systems

Rental Beam is designed to work with the two most popular Rental Management Systems. The standard bearer hippoRENT from HippoTech has been around for many years and has widespread use across the Second Life grid. The newest up-and-comer is CasperLet Elite from CasperTech and Casper Warden. These two systems have a lot of features in common, but they also have some major differences. Smoothing over these differences is where Rental Beam demonstrates its true power.

The Rental Beam Web Site

The Rental Beam Web Site is your main Control Panel. It provides all the tools, functions, features and reports in the Rental Beam system. Full details about the web site are found at The Rental Beam Web Site.

Rental Beam Main Systems

The Basic Rental Beam system includes everything you need to start using it right away. The package includes full support for both hippoRENT and CasperLet Elite systems. It is fully explained at the Basic Rental Beam System. Click the image below that represents the Rental Management system you are using now. If you are using both, click either one.

Rental Beam for CasperLet
Basic Rental Beam System for CasperLet Elite
Rental Beam for hippoRENT
Basic Rental Beam System for hippoRENT

Basic Features of the Rental Beam System

  • Display of Live, Accurate Listings of your Available Rentals on the Internet
    • Web pages on your own web site
    • Embedded in your Blog
    • Custom Hosted Pages at the Rental Beam web site
  • Different Listing Formats
    • Textual - A row-by-row text listing with optional Hovermap
    • Graphical - Rows and columns showing Rental Region Map or Custom Image
  • Gentle "Guiding Hand" detection of common problems
    • Automatic detection of wrong Plugin Script
    • Automatic detection of stalled Rental Devices
  • Visitor Usage and Reporting
    • Available Rentals times Viewed
    • Teleport Landmarks times Clicked

Rental Beam Add-Ons

There are several different optional devices that can be purchased and used with an existing Rental Beam Main System. Each one extends the ways you can publicize your available Rentals. Click the Add-On from the table below to read more about each one. You can also visit the Rental Beam Add-Ons Category page for a general overview.

Rental Beam Region Listener
Rental Beam Region Listener
Rental Vendor
Rental Vendor
Rental Status Mirror
Rental Status Mirror
Tenant Taxi
Tenant Taxi
6-Panel Multi-Vendor
6-Panel Multi-Vendor
6-Panel Modu-Vendor
6-Panel Modu-Vendor
6-Panel Spider Vendor
6-Panel Spider Vendor
12-Panel Modu-Vendor
12-Panel Multi-Vendor
Real-time Statistics
Real-time Statistics

The Rental Beam Region Listener is a single device solution to the time-consuming chore of putting Plugin Scripts into every Rental Device. It works ONLY with Rental Devices from CasperLet, but it also allows you to connect to EVERY Rental Device on the Region with just one Region Listener. Full details are found at Rental Beam Region Listener.

The Rental Status Mirror exactly mirrors (or tracks) the Status of a single Paired Rental. Each Rental Status Mirror is Paired to one and only one Rental. You can have more than one Rental Status Mirror paired to the same Rental, but only the one Rental is displayed and cannot be changed or selected by the user.

The Rental Vendor presents Available Rentals to In-World Visitors. It has many different configuration and display options, all of which are set using the web-based configuration tool. Full details are found at Rental Vendor.

The Tenant Taxi is an In-World device that provides your Tenants with a quick Teleport link "home" (to their Rental location). If they are not a current Tenant then the Taxi can also give them links to explanation and promotional information. The Tenant Taxi is configured using a web-based tool. Full details are at Tenant Taxi.

The 6-Panel Multi-Vendor, 6-Panel Modu-Vendor, 6-Panel Spider Vendor and 12-Panel Modu-Vendor are the newest and best In-World Vendors designed especially for Land Rentals and Rental Beam. Combining the ability to display a configurable list of Rentals like the Rental Vendor with the live, real-time update feature of the Rental Status Mirror, the Multi-Vendor Family provides continuous automatic update as your Rentals change status with a web-based configuration and easy-to-understand user controls.

The Real-time Owner Statistics panel is a "Shared Media" (or "Media on a Prim") viewer. It uses a special page on the Rental Beam web site to display several different details about your Rental Beam system and your Rentals. Each section in the display automatically refreshes approximately once per minute, so the information shown is always up to date. Full details are found at Real-time Owner Statistics.

Rental Beam Wiki In-World

You can now view the Rental Beam Wiki while in Second Life by using the Rental Beam WikiPrim. Based on SL's "Shared Media" (also called Media on a Prim), the entire Rental Beam Wiki is contained on one prim with full web site controls and features.

You can obtain a free copy of the WikiPrim by visiting the Rental Beam HQ. Right-click on the displayed WikiPrim and choose "Buy" for L$0.