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Privacy is a very important issue for us at DG Products for Second Life. We take care to ensure the privacy of our customers is maintained. This page explains our policy regarding your privacy, especially regarding those things we ask you to provide that are generally considered to be Private Information.

Private Information

Some of the information we ask you to provide for Rental Beam is commonly considered to be Private Information. This means it is information you control and do not give to others freely. We understand and respect your desire to maintain that privacy. To help you understand what we ask you to provide and why we ask, the following paragraphs describe each piece of Private Information we keep in Rental Beam, why we use it and when we use it.

Email Address

Proper and reliable operation of the Rental Beam system requires that you be notified about events and conditions that might negatively affect performance. For example, when Rental Beam's maintenance scans detect a problem with one of your devices, a System Notice will be generated and sent to you. There are only two ways we are able to contact you: Email and Instant Message. (Technical limitations of Second Life prevent us sending you a Notecard; it just cannot be done.)

We ask you to provide your Email Address as part of your Personal Profile. You can access the settings on the Rental Beam web site at

We use the Email Address stored in your Personal Profile only for the purpose of sending you System Notices via Email. We do not use it for marketing, advertising or similar purposes. We do not share it with anyone .. ever .. for any reason.

We recommend providing your Email Address as the information provided by Email System Notices is much more detailed and is often easier to understand. It is also easier to see incoming Email Messages than it is to spot Instant Messages.

Second Life UUID

Every user account in Second Life has its own unique "Computer Name" known as a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). The UUID for your Second Life account is commonly accepted to be Public Information. It is freely and easily available on many different Linden Lab™ and Second Life™ web sites. Therefore we also consider and treat your Second Life UUID as Public Information. Furthermore we do not ask for your UUID because it is provided as part of the basic Rental Beam operation. It is required as part of the communication between in-world devices and the Rental Beam web site.

Your Second Life UUID is therefore Public Information. We do not prominently display it on publicly visible web pages or in-world devices, however we also do not take extra measures to obscure it from discovery by a reasonably skilled person. Your UUID is not private and is required for most of Rental Beam's operation.

Social Media Identities

You may enter one or more "Social Media Identities" as part of your Personal Profile. Some people consider these "Private Information" therefore we discuss the topic here. (Read: Wikipedia article on "Online Identity")

At present the Social Identities entries are optional and may be skipped without causing any detriment to Rental Beam or its operation. The Social Identity for Twitter is the only one we currently use, but as we add more direct connections, the following will apply equally ... now and in the future:

We provide entry of your Social Identities as a convenience for you. You may enter any of them you wish, or enter none; the choice is totally yours. Any Social Identities you provide will be used on Public Pages such as Hosted Pages and various web listing pages. It is important to note that for the purposes of Rental Beam, any Social Identity you enter in your Personal Profile is considered Public Information and will be used as such!

Controlling System Notices

There are several options provided on the Personal Profile page that control what type of System Notices are sent to you and how they are sent. Full details on those options and how they affect Rental Beam's operation are found at Controlling Rental Beam Displays and Messages.

Please note that we recommend leaving these options enabled so that you may be kept aware of important events and conditions regarding Rental Beam. While you may turn any of them off that you desire, this may also prevent you from being made aware of critical information. We cannot take responsibility for issues or failures caused as a result of disabling System Notices.