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Keeping your In-World devices up to date is often a time consuming and annoying process. We are keenly aware of just how much time it takes to update a giant herd of Rental Devices with the newest versions of the Plugin Script. The sheer nature of Rental Beam demands lots and lots of devices that must be updated. In fact, the process is usually so time-consuming that most people put it off in hopes that what they have will just keep working. The only problem is that when we do turn out an update, it is because the update contains very important fixes, improvements or changes that help your Rental Beam system work to its fullest potential. Skipping an update may very well cause problems that cannot be easily fixed or ignored.

Many other script-based products in Second Life use a device or technique to send updated scripts to existing devices. For example, the CasperLet system uses a device called the "UpgradeBee". But what happens if you accidentally rez a prior version? Using a separate update device means that any time you rez something new, you must also use the update device just to make sure you have all the latest versions. Well, we found a fix for that too.

Viral Update - The Truly Automatic Update

Our newest technology for ensuring current version scripts and devices is called "Viral Update". It works very similar to the way a virus spreads in a population. When you rez a newer version device, it will immediately alert all other devices of the same type that it has a new version script inside. If those other devices have older version scripts then they will ask the new device to provide them with the newer version. In other words, they will ask to be "Infected" with the new version.

When you rez any device with Viral Update, it will also automatically announce its version. If it has an older version script inside then it will ask for a newer version from any other device of the same type. This ensures that even if you accidentally rez an out of date version of a device, as soon as it rezzes it will automatically update to the latest version found on the same Region.

Note that the Viral Update process is limited to only those devices of the same type and on the same Region (Sim). It will NOT update devices on other Regions nor will it update other devices not of the same type.

Automatic Version Uniformity

That's a fancy term for a very simple concept. One of the most troublesome issues that arises when you have a LOT of devices on a Region is the possibility that one will get skipped or somehow wind up with an older version script inside. With Viral Update, every device will periodically "ask" if there are any newer versions anywhere on the Region. If a newer version is found then the device will automatically update to that version. This ensures that no matter what happens, every single device on the Region will have the same version. Even if you rez an older version by accident, it will automatically update to the newest version found on that Region.

Rental Beam Devices with Viral Update

Viral Update made its debut in Rental Beam with the mass update of October 31st, 2015. Devices and Plugin Scripts released before that date DO NOT HAVE Viral Update capabilities. This means you must MANUALLY update all copies of prior versions. The following table lists each Rental Beam Device and the versions that do and do not have Viral Update capability:

Device or Plugin Name Without Viral Update With Viral Update
hippoRENT Plugin Script 2.2.04 and earlier 2.2.05 and later
CasperLet Plugin Script 2.2.04 and earlier 2.2.05 and later
Rental Vendor 2.2.12 and earlier 2.2.20 and later
Rental Status Mirror 2.2.04 and earlier 2.2.06 and later
Full details on the update process for each Rental Beam Device and Plugin is found at Updating Rental Beam.

Once you have updated to the version of a Device or Plugin that has Viral Update, all future updates are nearly automatic. However any versions that are prior to the Viral Update version must be updated manually. Please see the Updating Rental Beam page for full instructions on manually (and automatically) updating Rental Beam Devices and Plugin Scripts.