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The Rental Vendor is an In-World device that displays your Available Rentals much like a web-based Available Rentals Listing. The Rental Vendor has many configuration options and can Teleport a potential Tenant directly to the Rental of their choice. Rental Vendors are configured using the Rental Vendors tool on the Rental Beam Web Site.

The Rental Vendor also has a number of customization and use options that can only be set in-world. Complete details on using and customizing the Rental Vendor are found at Using and Customizing the Rental Vendor.

What The Rental Vendor Does

Much like the Available Rental Listings created by Rental Beam for display on the Internet or a web site, the Rental Vendor provides a potential Tenant with a selection of your Available Rentals. But instead of being visible only on the web, the Rental Vendor is an In-World device that is used by people directly within Second Life.

Parts of the Rental Vendor

RV Parts of the Rental Vendor.png

Even though a Rental Vendor is just a single Prim (and sometimes two Prims), it actually has three "Parts":

Main Panel

The Main Panel is the large central area that shows either a Region Map image or a Custom Image for each Rental. The image is updated as each Available Rental is displayed.

Previous / Next Buttons

At the sides of the Main Panel are two "Buttons" that let the user step through the list of Available Rentals displayed by the Vendor. The "Single" Theme hides the Previous and Next buttons. You can also use the "Custom" Theme and manually change their texture or transparency as desired.


The Rental Vendor comes with a selection of different Beacons. When a Region Map is displayed for an Available Rental, the Beacon moves to a spot on the map that indicates the exact location of the Rental Device. When a user clicks the Beacon, the Vendor provides them with information about the Rental.

Stalled or Lost Rental Vendors

The Rental Vendor will periodically check in with the Rental Beam web site. When you delete or remove a Rental Vendor from Second Life, it no longer checks in. Eventually the Rental Vendor will be marked as "Stalled". This simply means that the Rental Vendor has stopped running for some reason. When you select the Profile of a Stalled Rental Vendor, the information displayed will appear similar to the following:

RV Stalled Rental Vendor.png

Stalled Rental Vendors typically occur when you rez a Rental Vendor and then remove it from Second Life. You can easily double-check that it has actually been removed by using the Teleport Link at the bottom of the Vendor Details section shown above. If you know that you have deleted the Rental Vendor then you may safely remove it from the Rental Beam system by clicking the Delete button.

Configuring from In-World

Finding the right Rental Vendor in a sea of names can be difficult. Fortunately there is a simple way to access the correct Rental Vendor Profile. When you Touch the Rental Vendor and HOLD the mouse button for a minimum of 3 seconds, the "Load Page" menu will appear. Choose "Go to page" to open the Profile for the Rental Vendor on the Rental Beam web site.

Go to page button from Load Page
RV Load Page Menu.png

The Rental Vendors page will open with the specific Rental Vendor's profile already selected. It will appear similar to the following:

RV Configure Single Rental Vendor.png

Rental Vendor Profiles

Every Rental Vendor has its own unique Profile. The Profile contains the entire set of configuration values. You can also configure a "(default)" profile. When you enter a value for a Rental Vendor's Profile, it will override the value from the Default Profile. Thus you can configure the Default Profile for the basic settings you want every Rental Vendor to have, then adjust only a few settings for each new Rental Vendor you rez.

Rental Vendor Configuration Settings

Configuration settings for the Rental Vendor fall into three categories: Rental Selection, Information and Appearance.

Rental Selection Settings

The Rental Vendor displays Rentals one at a time from a list that it creates. The Rentals included in that list are selected based on the criteria set with the Rental Selection settings.

Land Groups

Each Rental may be assigned to a specific Land Group. The Land Groups setting lets you choose which of the available Land Groups will be included. You may specify as many Land Groups as you wish, or select none to include Rentals regardless of their Land Group. RV Land Groups Selection Setting.png


The Regions setting lets you include only those Rentals on a specific Region. You must manually enter the Region Names. Separate multiple Region Names with commas. For example, to include only Rentals on the Pastureland and Emerald Forest Regions, you would enter "Pastureland,Emerald Forest". RV Regions Selection Setting.png


The Rental Status may have one of four values: Available, Rented, Locked and Reserved. Normally you will select Available as the Status setting, however you can select any of the four and only those Rentals with the selected Rental Status will be included. RV Status Selection Setting.png


Rental Beam currently supports only two Systems: hippoRENT and CasperLet. If you select one of the available systems then only those Rentals using the selected system will be included. RV System Selection Setting.png


Each Rental may provide the Tenant a specific number of Prims (now called "Land Impact Allowance"). If you enter a number or number range then only those Rentals that have a matching Prim Count will be included. You may enter a value either as a single number or as a range (two numbers separated by a dash).

Entry Selects Rentals
50 With exactly 50 Prims allowed
25-100 With 25 to 100 Prims allowed
1000-999999 With 1000 or more Prims allowed


Each Rental may offer the Tenant a specific size Parcel measured in square meters (sqm). If you enter a number or a number range then only those Rentals with a matching Area will be included. You may enter a value either as a single number or as a range (two numbers separated by a dash).

Entry Selects Rentals
4096 With exactly 4096 sqm Area
256-2048 With 256 to 2048 sqm Area


Rental Pricing is based on a specific period of time. The most common time period is One Week. If you enter a number or a number range then only those Rentals with a matching Price will be included. You may enter a value either as a single number or as a range (two numbers separated by a dash).

Entry Selects Rentals
100 With an exact Price of L$100
50-200 With a Price of L$50 to L$200
0-200 With a Price of L$200 or less
200-999999 With a Price of L$200 or more

RV Prims Area Price Selection Setting.png


After the Rentals are selected using the above criteria, they may be presented in a specific order by using the various Sort Tags. You may combine Sort Tags to create complex multi-level ordering of the selected Rentals. RV Sort Order Selection Setting.png

The following table details the Sort Tags and how they affect the sort order:

Sort Tag Will sort the Selected Rentals by ...
region Rental's Region Name from A to Z
rev-region Rental's Region Name from Z to A
parcel Rental (Parcel) Name from A to Z
rev-parcel Rental (Parcel) Name from Z to A
prim Land Impact (Prim Count) from Lowest to Highest
rev-prim Land Impact (Prim Count) from Highest to Lowest
price Rental Price from Lowest to Highest
rev-price Rental Price from Highest to Lowest
highlight Highlighted Rentals before others
rev-highlight Highlighted Rentals after others

Information Settings

The Rental Vendor provides potential Tenants with information about your Available Rentals. What information it provides and in what order is completely within your control using the Information Settings.


The Info setting is how you control the information provided to potential Tenants when they click the Beacon to select a Rental. The Info entry is a combination of Info Tags and plain text. When a Rental is selected, the Info entry is "expanded" by replacing the Info Tags with values from the selected Rental. Any place you include a comma will also cause a line break. For example the Info Entry "Line 1,Line 2" will format as:

Line 1
Line 2

As you make changes in the Info entry, the sample result just below the entry will update to show those changes.

RV Example Info Tags and Resulting Message.png

You may either type directly into the Info entry box or use the Speed Buttons. The Speed Buttons will insert the proper Info Tag but will always insert it at the very end of the entry. The following table shows each of the Speed Buttons, the Info Tag they insert and what resulting information will be displayed in the final Info Message.

Speed Button Info Tag Will display
(clear) The entire Info Entry is cleared
(line break) , Following text starts on the next line
Standard Header header "You have selected the following Rental:"
Rental Name name The Rental Name
Region region The Rental's Region Name
Land Impact prims The Allowed Land Impact (Prim Count)
Size size The Rental's Size (Area) in square meters
Price price The Rental's Price in L$
Status status The Rental's current Status
Land Group group The Rental Beam Land Group assigned to the Rental
About Rental about The Rental's optional text Notes or Parcel Name
Teleport Link teleport A clickable link that Teleports directly to the Rental
World Map map A clickable link that opens the World Map
Location Info land A clickable link that opens the Land Info window
TPMap tpmap Opens the Teleport (World) Map when the Rental Vendor is clicked


RV Whisper Setting.png

Each time the displayed Rental changes, the Rental Vendor can "Whisper" its Sequence Index in Nearby Chat. (A "Whisper" is a short range message that can only be heard within 10 meters of the Rental Vendor.) The Sequence Index shows how many total Rentals have been selected for display and the position of the currently displayed Rental in the sequence. You may disable the Whisper by disabling this option setting.

Appearance Settings

The Appearance Settings control how the Rental Vendor looks and acts.


The Rental Vendor has five predefined Themes that control its look and behavior. There is even a Theme that leaves the appearance you set alone and does not make changes in appearance like the other Themes.

Theme Selection Changes to appearance
Light Background Black lettering on a light background, Previous and Next buttons are visible
Dark Background White lettering on a dark background, Previous and Next buttons are visible
Single Rental The Previous and Next buttons are hidden
Custom Theme The appearance is left unchanged (see below)
Sensor Mode The appearance is the same as Single Rental but with sensing of nearby Avatars
Beginning with version v2.2.23 of the Rental Vendor, you may include two custom textures named prev and next in the Contents of the Rental Vendor. When these textures are included, they will be used to display the Previous and Next buttons in the Custom Theme. Note that they are only used when Custom Theme is selected.


The Rental Vendor will "go to sleep" when it has not been used for a period of time. It "wakes up" when touched. The Idle setting determines how many seconds elapse before it goes to sleep. When it wakes up, the Rental Vendor will reload a brand new list of Selected Rentals.

The Sensor Mode Theme changes the meaning of the Idle setting. Instead of using it as the time to wait before going to sleep, the Idle Setting becomes the Scan Range of the Avatar Sensor. Thus if you select Sensor Mode then you must also ensure the Idle Time setting is changed to a reasonable scan distance. Keep in mind that long-range scans not only cause a lot of Lag, but can make using the Rental Vendor impossible because you can not move far enough away to allow it to refresh its listings.
RV Sensor Mode Theme Option.png

Beacon Position

The Beacon is a second Prim that is rezzed and deleted by the Rental Vendor to "point at" the location of the Rental on a Region Map. If you do not set a specific Beacon Position then it will display only on Region Maps; Rentals that show a Custom Image will not have a Beacon. Specifying the Beacon Position will force it to display at that location for every Rental shown. Use a combination of Position Tags to specify the desired position.

RV Beacon Position Setting.png

Position Tag Resulting Beacon Position
top Along the Top edge
middle In the vertical Middle
bottom Along the Bottom edge
left Along the Left edge
center In the horizontal Center
right Along the Right edge