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The Rental Beam Control Menu

The Rental Beam Web Site is your point of control for the Rental Beam system. Think of it as the Dashboard or Control Panel for Rental Beam.

At the left of each page is the Control Menu. It provides links to all of the functions, reports and features of Rental Beam. The Control Menu is divided into Category sections to ease navigation. The following describes each of the sections in detail.

Home Page, Global Listings and Email List Subscription

Home Page and HTML Generator

Rental Beam Home Page

Global Listings

Rental Beam Global Listings

Subscribe to Email List

Subscribe to Rental Beam Email List

Using the Web Listing Services at Rental Beam

The Rental Beam web site provides a number of 'Web Services' that are used to generate HTML web listings of your available Rentals. There are actually quite a few of them to handle the many different situations you may encounter when adding Live Listings to your own web site. The full list of the Web Services, their purpose and parameters is documented on the Rental Beam Web Services page.

Account Details and Personal Profile

Account Details

Account Details on the Rental Beam Web Site

Personal Profile

Personal Profile on the Rental Beam Web Site

Help & Support

Rental Beam uses a "Support Ticket" system to track issues. In addition to this Wiki, you may file a request for support using the Rental Beam Support Center.

Help & Support

The Rental Beam Support Center


View and Manage

View and Manage Rentals on the Rental Beam Web Site

List All Rentals

List All Rentals on the Rental Beam Web Site

Manage Rentals

Edit and Delete Rentals on the Rental Beam Web Site

Land Groups

Create, Edit and Delete Land Groups on the Rental Beam Web Site

Exceptions / Errors

Review Exceptions and Errors and optionally Mass Delete Rentals

The View and Manage page is an advanced display and management page. It allows listing Rentals using selection criteria. You can also apply bulk changes to the Rentals listed. Full details are at View and Manage.

The List All Rentals page shows every Rental known to Rental Beam organized by Rental Status. Full details are at List All Rentals

The Manage Rentals page shows every Rental and allows you to edit the Rental Status, Text Notes, Land Group and Custom Image. Full details are at Manage Rentals

Rental Beam maintains its own separate list of Land Groups. Land Groups help you organize and properly display your Rentals. Full details are at Land Groups

Rental Beam is continuously checking the Rentals in its database, looking for common errors and exceptions that might cause problems. The Exceptions/Errors page lists the issues that Rental Beam has found and also allows comparison of the Rental Beam database with the hippoRENT database. Full details are at Exceptions / Errors

Add-On Devices

You can extend the usefulness of Rental Beam by purchasing additional devices designed to work with it. The Add-On Devices available either help you advertise your Available Rentals (such as the In-World Rental Vendor) or help your Tenants with their own issues (such as the Tenant Taxi).

Region Listeners

CasperLet Region Listener

Rental Status Mirrors

Rental Status Mirror Settings

Rental Vendors

Rental Vendor Settings

Tenant Taxis

Tenant Taxi Messages

Region Listeners are In-World devices that eliminate the need to add a Plugin Script to every CasperLet Rental Device. One Region Listener can "Hear" every CasperLet Rental Device on a Region no matter where the Rental Device is located and no matter where the Region Listener is located. As long as they are both on the same Region, the Listener can connect to the Rental Device and feed its information to Rental Beam.

Rental Status Mirrors are In-World devices that are paired with one specific Rental. As the selected Rental changes Status (Available, Rented, Locked and Reserved) or if you change any of the Rental Details (such as Prim Count, Price, Size, etc.) the Rental Status Mirror will immediately update its display too. You may also "Pair" more than one Rental Status Mirror to the same Rental. This allows you to advertise a single Rental in more than one location.

Rental Vendors are In-World devices that display your Available Rentals in a large number of styles and formats. Each Rental Vendor has its own Profile. You may also set a Default Profile that will be used when specific values are not set in an individual Profile. Full details are at Rental Vendor Settings.

Tenant Taxis are In-World devices that provide your Tenants an instant Teleport link to take them directly to their Rental. If the user is not a current Tenant then the Tenant Taxi will display a polite message. You can configure the contents of the message using the Tenant Taxi Messages configuration page.


Rentals and Changes

List All Rentals and Changes

Avail Property Views

How often your Available Rentals Listings were Viewed

LM Clicks by Date

How often Teleport Links were clicked by Rental

Visitor LM Clicks

How often any Teleport Links were clicked by Visitor or Device

System Notices

List All System Notices sent via In-World Instant Message

When a Rental is begun or ended, Rental Beam records the event in its internal database. This also includes when you manually Change the Rental Status. Rental Beam also records when a Rental is Locked or Reserved. Full details for this report are at Rentals and Changes.

Rental Beam records any time one of your Available Rental Listings is displayed. This is called an "Available Property View". Full details on this report are at Available Property Views

The Available Rental Listings provided by Rental Beam all contain a direct Teleport Link for each Rental. Rental Beam records any time someone clicks on one of the Teleport Links (LM). The LM Clicks by Date report presents the click statistics grouped by Rental in newest to oldest order. Full details for this report are at LM Clicks by Date.

Rental Beam can also present LM Clicks by Visitor. A "Visitor" is either a unique IP Address or an In-World Device (such as the Rental Vendor Add-On). Full details on this report are at Visitor LM Clicks.

Rental Beam may need to send you System Notices about its operation or about your Rentals. If you have enabled Notices by IM in your Personal Profile then those Notices are sent via In-World Instant Message. Full details of this report are at System Notices.

A Note About Privacy: Rental Beam NEVER associates the IP Address to the specific Avatar or User. When an LM is clicked from a web listing, only the IP Address is recorded but no Personally Identifiable Information is kept. When an LM is clicked from an In-World Device, only the NAME of the DEVICE is kept and never the Avatar's UUID or other identifiable information. We are VERY serious about privacy, so we take extra care to make sure yours is protected too!

Hosted Listing Pages

Manage Hosted Pages

Create, edit and view Rental Beam's Hosted Pages

Manage Account

Connect Rental Beam to your Account

Rental Beam provides a feature called "Hosted Pages". A Hosted Page is a customizable web page that displays a selection of your Available Rentals. Full details on creating, editing and managing Hosted Pages is found at Manage Hosted Pages.

After creating a Rental Beam Hosted Page, you can rapidly create a "Short URL" for it that makes it easy to publish the link in many different places. Rental Beam can connect to the URL Shortening Service using the Connect Rental Beam to feature.

Prettier Hosted Pages using JavaScript

The original Hosted Page uses HTML IFRAMEs to display your Available Rentals. However there is a simple trick you can use to generate a pretty page that uses JavaScript instead. This method results in pages that grow and shrink based on the number of listings instead of setting a fixed width and length. The best part is, you don't have to do anything fancy to use the new format.

Each Hosted Page has its own unique URL (web address). Inside the URL is a bit that reads /hp/. Change that portion to read /js/ and the page displayed will use the new JavaScript flexible formatting. For example, if your Hosted Page has the URL:

Change it slightly to read:

Go ahead and click the links to see how they look.

What's New in Rental Beam

We are constantly updating both the Rental Beam Web Site and our Products. Look to What's New In Rental Beam for all the latest information about the newest improvements to Rental Beam.