Using and Customizing the Rental Vendor

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The Rental Vendor for Rental Beam displays a selection of Rentals for a potential Tenant to review. It is an In-World device that connects to Rental Beam to retrieve the list of Rentals to display. It includes a number of features that include:

  • Web-based Configuration for Rental Selection, Information and Vendor Appearance
  • Can be modified to resize and retexture as desired
  • Replaceable textures displayed for "No Vacancy", "Initializing" and "Click to Begin"
  • Displays Rental's Custom Image (if set) or Region Map
  • Optional Beacon points to Rental Location on Region Maps
  • "Visitor Memory" resumes at the Visitor's last displayed Rental
  • Rental Information displayed can include clickable links for Teleport and World Map

What The Rental Vendor Does

Much like the Available Rental Listings created by Rental Beam for display on the Internet or a web site, the Rental Vendor provides a potential Tenant with a selection of your Available Rentals. But instead of being visible only on the web, the Rental Vendor is an In-World device that is used by people directly within Second Life.

Parts of the Rental Vendor

RV Parts of the Rental Vendor.png

Even though a Rental Vendor is just a single Prim (and sometimes two Prims), it actually has three "Parts":

Main Panel

The Main Panel is the large central area that shows either a Region Map image or a Custom Image for each Rental. The image is updated as each Available Rental is displayed.

Previous / Next Buttons

At the sides of the Main Panel are two "Buttons" that let the user step through the list of Available Rentals displayed by the Vendor. The "Single" Theme hides the Previous and Next buttons. You can also use the "Custom" Theme and manually change their texture or transparency as desired.


The Rental Vendor comes with a selection of different Beacons. When a Region Map is displayed for an Available Rental, the Beacon moves to a spot on the map that indicates the exact location of the Rental Device. When a user clicks the Beacon, the Vendor provides them with information about the Rental.

Stalled or Lost Rental Vendors

The Rental Vendor will periodically check in with the Rental Beam web site. When you delete or remove a Rental Vendor from Second Life, it no longer checks in. Eventually the Rental Vendor will be marked as "Stalled". This simply means that the Rental Vendor has stopped running for some reason. When you select the Profile of a Stalled Rental Vendor, the information displayed will appear similar to the following:

RV Stalled Rental Vendor.png

Stalled Rental Vendors typically occur when you rez a Rental Vendor and then remove it from Second Life. You can easily double-check that it has actually been removed by using the Teleport Link at the bottom of the Vendor Details section shown above. If you know that you have deleted the Rental Vendor then you may safely remove it from the Rental Beam system by clicking the Delete button.

Configuring from In-World

Finding the right Rental Vendor in a sea of names can be difficult. Fortunately there is a simple way to access the correct Rental Vendor Profile. When you Touch the Rental Vendor and HOLD the mouse button for a minimum of 3 seconds, the "Load Page" menu will appear. Choose "Go to page" to open the Profile for the Rental Vendor on the Rental Beam web site.

Go to page button from Load Page
RV Load Page Menu.png

The Rental Vendors page will open with the specific Rental Vendor's profile already selected. It will appear similar to the following:

RV Configure Single Rental Vendor.png

Rezzing the Rental Vendor

RV Delivery Folder in Inventory.png

Locate the Rental Vendor delivery folder in your Inventory. (Use Inventory Search to look for "Rental Vendor".) Open and read the "Read Me First" notecard.

Next rez the Rental Vendor. It will take a moment to initialize. When it completes you may Edit it to begin setting it up for your needs.

Renaming, Resizing and Customizing the Rental Vendor

Rename the new Rental Vendor so you will recognize it in Statistics Reports and the Web-Based configuration. You may also resize it as desired.

Replaceable Textures

The Rental Vendor contains three textures that you may replace with your own. If you replace a texture, you must make sure the replacement has THE EXACT SAME NAME as the original or it will fail to display properly. The three textures are contained in the Rental Vendor's Contents and are named as follows:

Texture Name Displayed when ...
pleasewait During Rez and Reset of the Rental Vendor
touchtocontinue Rental Vendor is asleep, waiting for a Click to Begin
novacancy No Rentals were available for selection and display

Setting the Rental Vendor's Configuration Options

The Rental Vendor is primarily configured using the Rental Beam Web Site. Full details on setting the configuration options are at Rental Vendor Settings.

Selecting and Using a Beacon

The Rental Vendor can include a Beacon that pinpoints the exact location of the Rental. It is displayed when a Rental's Region Map is displayed. Delete the Beacon object within the Rental Vendor to prevent its display even when a Region Map is shown.

There are several different types of Beacons included in the Rental Vendor package. Also included is a "Generic" Beacon that you can customize as desired. Each Beacon is a separate Object. Make sure there is ONLY ONE Beacon Object in the Rental Vendor's Contents or it may not operate as expected.

The Beacon Name

The Name of each Beacon object is divided into three parts separated by '@' signs. The three parts determine the Beacon's Display Name, and the Position and Rotation offsets when rezzed. The following table details the supplied Beacons and their offsets:

Inventory Name Display Name Position Rotation Description
Beacon@<0.2,0.05,0.02>@<0.,0.,0.> Beacon <0.2,0.05,0.02> <0.,0.,0.> The Generic Beacon, centered with no rotation
Floating Number Beacon@<0.07,0.05,0.02>@<0.,0.,0.> Floating Number Beacon <0.07,0.05,0.02> <0.,0.,0.> Sequence Number on white background, points with lower left corner
Rainbow Number Beacon@<0.07,0.05,0.02>@<0.,0.,0.> Rainbow Number Beacon <0.07,0.05,0.02> <0.,0.,0.> Color changing Sequence Number, points with lower left corner
Spinning Arrow Beacon@<0.,0.,0.08>@<180.0,0.0,0.0> Spinning Arrow Beacon <0.,0.,0.08> <180.0,0.0,0.0> 3D Spinning Arrowhead stands out from Rental Vendor front
Spinning Bullseye@<0.,0.,0.02>@<0.,0.,0.> Spinning Bullseye <0.,0.,0.02> <0.,0.,0.> Spinning, color changing Bullseye, centered with no rotation.
Warning! The following discussions on Position and Rotation offsets is rather "geeky". If you have no interest in this level technical detail, you can safely ignore it and not miss a thing. You may always Instant Message Darrius Gothly for help with making Custom Beacons for your own purposes.

The Position Offset

The Position Offset part of the Beacon Name determines how much the Beacon will move from directly centered over the desired location. The three numbers are the X, Y and Z offsets. Each offset determines how far the Beacon will move as follows:

Coord Direction +/- moves ...
X Left-Right -Left, +Right
Y Up-Down -Down, +Up
Z Closer-Further -Further, +Closer

Remember that the offsets define how far the Beacon moves. For example, if you set a Z-Offset of 0.1 then the Beacon will stand off from the front of the Rental Vendor by 0.1 meters.

The Rotation Offset

The Rotation Offset part of the Beacon Name determines how the Beacon will rotate from its "Normal" orientation. You will almost always use zero for all three numbers. However there are special situations when reorienting the Beacon may be desirable. The easiest way to determine if you have the Rotation correct is ... try changing a number and see how that affects the Beacon's rotation. (It's more a "Show Me" than a "Tell Me" kind of thing.)