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I write about Second Life, both its pluses and minuses. I sometimes write about Social Media, or Technology, or ideas that just need to be written out. As always, feel free to comment on any post you find within (that is still within the comment time limit).

VMM – Understanding How It Works

VMM - How It WorksViewer-Managed Marketplace is making quite a hit with both Sellers and Buyers at the Second Life Marketplace. The “hit” it’s making is more the absence of complaints than the usual flood of them, but in the process of turning around sometimes it’s necessary to do things kinda backward. What really matters though is that VMM is working. And now it’s up to us to learn how it works and how best to use it.

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Sansar – Is It Second Life V2?

Sansar begins to take offTalk is beginning to heat up around the Grid about Linden Lab’s newest project. Working under the name “Sansar” (which apparently means “World” in Sanskrit), there is lots of debate about what it will be and what it will offer. People are confused and hunting for answers. Which is probably to the liking of the folks at Linden Lab as they are trying to keep things somewhat secret.

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Updating Marketplace with VMM

Article on using VMM

Viewer Managed Marketplace has been pushed into operation a bit faster than most people would have liked. But even so, it has also begun to rack up early successes at a far higher rate than either Direct Delivery or the SL Marketplace itself. Now that support for VMM is just about to be available in Firestorm, it has just as quickly become important to know how to manage your Marketplace store.

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Firestorm VMM – An Early Look

Firestorm VMMThe possible next version of the Firestorm Viewer for Second Life (and Open-Sim grids) has been released into the dedicated testing community, and from all indications things are looking very positive. To be honest, my personal experience with this release candidate version has been so smooth and delightful that I’m left with only positive comments.

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Rectal Monetization

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International MonetizationEvery business has a primary goal that must be observed and pursued at all times. That goal is “make money”. The way most businesses make money is to exchange it for products or services with their customer base. The exchange is above board, visible and recognizable by both parties. It usually has a well understood value equation; the amount of money given has approximately the same value as the products or services received. But this method of exchange is antiquated in today’s Internet Age. The new income mechanism is called “Monetization” and it comes in a wide array of methods and processes, not all of which are pleasant or acceptable.

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The “Cesspool” that is Second Life

Second Life is a CesspoolThere have been a lot of words written trying to understand why Linden Lab makes the decisions they make. The term “Inscrutable” is probably the most apropos. In today’s post I present an Alternate Theory of Reality that is based purely on conjecture and imagination … but just might be more correct than any others I (or most others) have posted. But before we begin, I need to explain the term “Cesspool”.

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VMM – Adding My First Viewer Managed Marketplace Item

Article on using VMMAre you still standing on the sidelines, trying to decide if you should jump into the VMM pool? Well stop wondering and jump in. I used VMM to upload six new products just yesterday. Now I’m here to explain what I did, why I did it, and how you can do it too. Rather than just provide bland step-by-step instructions though, I’ll give you the philosophy of the process along with the steps; that way you’ll know what to do because you’ll know WHY you’re doing it.

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VMM and Test Deliveries

Now that Linden Lab has officially “migrated” everyone from the Direct Delivery method and forced the use of the new Viewer Managed Marketplace (VMM), there are some important changes you need to know about. Most importantly one of the primary safety features has been hobbled in a way you might not realize … until it’s too late.

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The Lowly Slide Show

Your first day in Second Life is generally spent trying not to run into things or other people. The second day is spent in open-mouthed wonderment at all the STUFF to be seen, touched, used and just plain experienced. After that you start realizing how much like “The Jetsons” Second Life can be. But for most of us, every day from the first onward is spent in the company of someone we know well. Family, friends, beneficial acquaintances … whatever the relationship, chances are good you will find moments you wish to keep forever. Presto! The size of your SnapShots folder starts to grow.

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HyperMenu Meets Virtual Landmarks

VLMlogo2I mentioned in a recent post about the use of the HyperMenu product on my new (and still a-building) in-world store. I also made mention of the fact that the Virtual Landmarks for the previous Teleporter Store had been updated to the new locations. That means anyone owning a VLM (Virtual Landmark) to my old store can now use it to teleport directly to the new store. As the true idiot I am sometimes, it completely escaped me to build VLM support into the HyperMenu product line. But I got smart(er).

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