Linden Lab Kills Atlas Land Baron

No, that’s not hyperbole or even emo-rage-quit speaking … it’s a fact. To be ultra-precise, it’s about to become a fact. Recently there was a change in the upper-level management of the Search Team at Linden Lab. Ever since that change, specifically this past Sunday, the Sims owned by Jayson Dorn of Island Oasis Properties have been summarily removed from In-World Search.

For several months now I’ve been struggling with In-World Search, trying to get Jayson’s Main Office to place somewhere in the top 20. The best I could ever manage was to get him into the top 200. Yes, that’s right .. 200! Even when I copied verbatim the keywords and descriptions of the Parcels ranked 1-10, the best I could get his office ranked was #179. Yet they were ranked #1 through #10.

So finally, about 2 weeks ago, I hit on a solution … call it a magic formula .. that managed to circumvent whatever “foot on the scale” the Search Engine was putting on Jayson’s properties and I got his main office ranked #4. That lasted just over a week. Then this past Sunday, his Main office and all of his primary Sim locations … VANISHED! Removed from Search. Not found at all.

The kicker to all of this? Every shop owner and businessperson that rents from Jayson and Island Oasis Properties? They’ve been removed from In-World Search too. That’s 100′s of businesses, summarily decimated without any explanation or reason. Just *POOF* … Gone!

So with Second Life bleeding Sims and businesses, and Linden Lab needing more Sim owners not less, why have they killed off one of their bigger Atlas-Level Sim Owners?

Beats shit outta me folks … beats shit outta me.